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Simulation software Polysun 9.1: New version offers comprehensive calculations of profitability

Polysun Release 9.1 Press ImageWinterthur, Switzerland, 4 November 2016The most recent release of the planning software Polysun has just been published by the Swiss software maker Vela Solaris. The new profitability calculation tool offers a dynamic and comprehensive analysis of the economic aspects of all building service facilities that can be simulated in Polysun.


These include cogeneration units, photovoltaic, gas condensing boiler, fuel cell and, naturally, solar thermal systems. The new version can also calculate combinations thereof. The new profitability calculation feature is based on different customer requests, fulfills the relevant norms and is in line with the methodology of the industry. The economic efficiency tool is woven into the existing structure of Polysun and offers, inter alia, life cycle analyses, discounted cash flow amortizations and automatic sensitivity analyses, all available in just one step. The new tool allows its users to use just one software product for the entire planning process, from gathering climate data at the facilities’ location to the measurement of its profitability.


The new profitability calculation tool offers these possibilities:

  • Cost and economic lifetime of components taken into account
  • High and low tariffs considered
  • Dynamic power profiles can be fed in
  • Instant calculation of results
  • Combination of electric and thermal systems possible
  • Automatic calculation of the net present value, the time of amortization and the absolute profit as well as other key figures
  • Presentation of results possible in a short or a professional report
  • Supports all current office software formats
  • Country-specific subsidies such as EEG (Germany) and KEV (Switzerland) are considered.

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Figure 1: New profitability calculation of a photovoltaic system with Polysun 9.1


Due to the calculation in real time it is now possible to calculate all systems designed with Polysun economically and to optimize them in this aspect. As is the norm for the Polysun planning software, the new economic efficiency tool can easily calculate both electric and thermal systems with a single input mask. It is also ready for the foreseeable developments of the future such as sector coupling, eMobility and dynamic power tariff models, these can be simulated thanks to the inclusion of tables with more than three million time steps.



The new profitability calculation of Polysun has been awarded with the Siemens Excellence Award.


Overview of new features in Polysun Version 9.1


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